Maine HF NBEMS Net

Updated 03/06/2016

A new Maine ARES/RACES Digital Communications Guide is now available. This merges the BBS Users Guide with the NBEMS Quick Start. Version 2, 5/30/2015

Note: The HF BBS and Winlink RMS are off line for major reconfiguration work. The packet BBS/RMS is fully operational.


Purpose and Overview

The Owl's Head BBS has been put in place to serve as a gathering place for Maine ARES operators. It is in operation on a 24x7 basis with back up power (generator, battery and solar) and is also intended for use in exercises and actual emergencies. Operating concurrently with the BBS is a Winlink Remote Mail Server (RMS). The RMS is available for public use and uses the same frequencies and modes as the BBS.

The BBS uses the BPQ32 software, authored by John Wiseman G8BPQ.


BBS (P-Mail and Bulletins): KB1TCE-2 BBSOHD

Winlink Packet RMS: KB1TCE-10 RMSOHD

Winlink HF RMS: KB1TCE

Frequencies and Modes (BBS and Winlink):

  • VHF Packet: 145.010

  • HF Winmor 1600: 3586.5 USB Center; 7101.8 USB Center

  • Pactor 2-3 will be added in June.

Registration is required for the BBS. Please supply your name, call, town, county and ARES district information.


What's a BBS? How does a full service pc-based BBS differ from a personal BBS (PBBS)? Find out here.

Architecture of the BBS/RMS

Functional Diagram of the BBS/RMS

The Maine ARES/RACES Digital Communications Guide covers the details of how to access the BBS using the Winlink RMS Express client program. Included are instructions for posting personal messages as well as bulletins.

If you are not familiar with the Winlink system, here is an Overview of how Winlink email over radio works.

Phil Sherrod W4PHS has an excellent Getting Started guide to Winlink, Winmor and RMS Express.

A comparison of various client programs (Terminal, Outpost, Paclink, Airmail, RMS Express has been assembled by the Winlink Team and may be found at http://www.winlink.org/ClientSoftware.

The RMS Express Exercises page will help you to learn how to use RMS Express with the Winlink system and to access the Owl's Head BBS.

If you are unfamiliar with the National Traffic System for Radiograms, here is an overview What is the National Traffic System? written by David Streubel, WB2FTX, Eastern Area Digital Coordinator, NTS-Digital. See the BBS User's Guide for information on how to submit Radiograms via NTSD

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