Maine HF NBEMS Net

Owl's Head BBS/RMS

Updated 2/25/2015

Revised status of Waldo County BBS (Item H)

Maine Packet Nodes & Bulletin Boards

This directory is a work in progress and is very incomplete. Please send comments and updates to the email address at the bottom of the page.


This list also includes selected stations in NH and the Maritimes.

Packet frequencies are 145.010 MHz FM unless otherwise noted.

Integrated VHF and HF bulletin boards are included as well as Winlink Remote Mail Server (RMS) stations.

PBBS means Personal Bulletin Board, i.e. a mailbox that is contained within a TNC. PC-based bulletin boards are identified by the software used (if known).

Rochester, NH: K1ACL-7 (node) and KC1L-10 (Winlink packet RMS)
Affiliated with NH ARES
Alfred: Proposed node/BBS sponsored by York County ARES. Tentatively LinBPQ software.
Turner: N1DOT node. No further information.
D (Augusta Area)
Augusta: KQ1L-1 node. Alias AUG
Augusta: N1WJO-1 PBBS at the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). Limited capacity at present.
Cooper's Mills: N1REX-1 PBBS at N1REX. Supports Kennebec EMA/RACES.
Warren: KB1DBL-7 node and KB1DBL-1 BBS. Part time running LinBPQ. Emergency backup to KB1TCE-2.
Owl's Head BPQ32 node, BBS, RMS
   KB1TCE-7 Net/Rom node. Alias OWLSHD
   KB1TCE-2 BBS: packet and HF Winmor. Alias BBSOHD
   KB1TCE-10 Winlink RMS: packet and HF Winmor. Alias RMSOHD
Packet connects, unless very close by, need to go through the ABORN node.
Affliliated with Maine ARES
Further information at http://midcoastdigiham.belljar.net/OwlsHeadBBS.htm
Belfast: BPQ32 BBS W1EMA-2 alias WOCBBS at the Waldo County EOC. This was put in place 2/24/2015 and replaces the WCMBX PBBS.
Knox: W1EMA-1 node on Aborn Hill. Alias ABORN.
Maintained by Waldo ARES/RACES
J (Ellsworth Area)
Graham Lake: LAKE node (AA1PI-8); DEAR2 BBS North of Ellsworth. F6FBB BBS with BPQ32 node.
   No conference mode or multi-message system.
   Messages left on DEAR2 will be forwarded to DEAR. Operates on 145.010 and 145.070.
   Reliable connects to the west via MDI and ABORN; east to N1EP-7
Trenton: TRENT node (AA1PI); DEAR BBS, near the airport. DOS-based system offers multi-addressing for Emcomm
   and other pre-addressed    groups. Also has a conference mode (chat) and mail forwarding. Operates on 145.010
   and 145.070.
Ellsworth: KB1NEB/KB1NEB-1 located at the Ellsworth EOC. No further information.
Ellsworth: N1CJS/N1CJS-1. No further information.
Ellsworth: N1MEA/N1MEA-1. No further information.
Ellsworth: N1CJS/N1CJS-1. No further information.

Bar Harbor: MDI node (KA); W1HBM-1 KPC-3P PBBS. 24/7
Reliable connects direct to N1EP, N1MEA, J1CJS, DEAR, DEAR2, ABORN
Milbridge: N1EP-7 node, N1EP-1 PBBS. Maine ARES SEC. 24/7.
Milbridge: AB1OX/AB1OX-1. Part time.
M (Calais Area)
Cooper Mountain: CAL node W1LH-6
Alexander: W1DEY/W1DEY-1. No further information.

Canada - Maritimes

In progress

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